Blog post ideas trick for beginners


If you are new in blogging and you dont have a idea how to write or what to write so i am gonna tell you about 6 things to write. Here is some blog post ideas trick, which you can apply on your blog.

learn from songs

have you ever wondered about the whole story behind the song ? what’s their sitaution, what challenges are they facing, what is the purpose to create this song , dig into the lyrics, pick the every single word and try to connect with the every single word, think all the situation and write about it.

Observe every one

you can write anything what you want but think differently from other which makes you unique. you can observe people, insects, things. even you can remember your childhood memories, that happiness, you were bully, someone helped you, making friends, good friends, when you get you first girlfriend/ boyfriend from that time and now things different you can write these things also.

write about your biggest mistake

we all make mistakes sometimes it could be a big or small but we cant decied what is big or small situation decides. sometimes it can be a painfull to discuss with anyone. sometimes everyone takes advantages of your mistake even your friends which hurts you the most. Blog post ideas trick.

for example : – My close one betrayed me, break my trust, it is difficult because one of our most fundamental needs for survival is trust. without trust we dont know how careful, or how free, to be with them anymore.

what you wanted to be when you grew up

i’ve always wanted to be a writer and thats what i became, but when i am kid i wanted to be a football player wants to represent our country, but somehow i couldnt, so you can write about your dream what you want in childhood and after grew up what you get.

google helps you to find related topics

you can search on google to find some topics, google helps you whatever topic you need. you can use popular article title phrases like “what to” or “how to “in your search to improve your results.

take help from twitter

search twitter for relevant keyword or hashtag and look at what sorts of comments, questions, and articles people are sharing. what is on trending on twitter what’s the viral news definitely twitter helps on this matter. you can easily find your topics.

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