Simple ways to get more followers on instagram


How to get more followers on instgram there are 7 tactics that will help you to het more follower on instagram.

Use the right instagram hashtags

which hashtags should you use ? just like twitter and other social sites, on instgram users use certain hashtags that can helps them to get more traffic on their post. in this era who ever is using social media that person definitely use hashtags for connecting new users. here are some top hashtags if you uses them you will definitely gets more users on your profile.

  1. #love
  2. #Hinstagood
  3. #fashion
  4. #happy
  5. #like
  6. #follow
  7. #life
  8. #cute
  9. #friends
  10. #nature

Using hashtags is one thing, using the right tags is completely different things. you can use hashtags in instgram stories as well as.

Use the right filter

using the right hashtags is not only the key to get followers you need to pay attention to right filter. Using the right filter is the easiest way to impressed your followers. Right filter can have an impact on your engagements. Here are the 5 current top most popular filters on instagram.

  1. Normal (no filter)
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Gingham
  5. lark

Creative post

Creative post is,one of the best trick to gain followers. you can use any kind of a app where you can create your post with using some filter or edit with different design, there are many apps like picsart. picsart is one of the best app i’ve ever seen in my life. this is a free app you can use this app for creating a post.

Schedule your post

Schedule your post is great benefit for those people who’s working or who don’t have a much time to post or interact with their followers. If I can say this is the best option I’ve ever seen this even I am using this option I’ve not much time to post so I have scheduled my post means automatic publish my posts when your audience is the most engaged. you’ll need to watch when your audience are active then choose the right timing. Simple ways to get followers on instagram.

Avoid fake followers

Today we all know there is many fake apps which gives you followers like fake followers so don’t use these silly tricks.

Interact with your followers

If you really wants to gain your followers firstly you need to interact with them like if they commenting on your photo you need to reply each one of them. It shows a good nature. This will definitely helps to gain followers. People loved to comment on your post.

Make your Instagram family happy

You will need focus on this point. This is the most important. You will need to get some research about what is on trending and what’s the viral challenge on social media and you have to make a post as per trending. That gonna helpful for your profile. People loved to watch trending thing and they’ll love to follow the trending challenges which means they loved to follow you. Isn’t sound good. Simple ways to get followers on instagram.

Upload stories

The best way to get more engagement on your profile is upload a stories. As per my observation most of the peoples are loved to watch stories instead of post. I am sharing my facebook page example I have upload daily 8 post and 3 stories. I have got 3000 likes at the end of the day but if i am calculating the stories view its double from the post. So the stories option is also a great option to get more engagement.

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