How to start yoga / yoga for beginners


The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body bad soul. This will help you in physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind, it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps relaxing.

Also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. Yoga is the medicine for nearly every problem. helpful for every group of people it has spiritual benefits also like a sense of calmness , inner peace . Exploration of energy. Cultivation of awareness. A deeper bodily keeping one from fully experiencing life.

here we know which type of yoga is best for beginners ?

There are several types of yoga that can help you improve strength and balance, relieve tension in your body, quiet your mind, and help you relax.

What do you need to begin ? Looking for reasons to try yoga? Benefits of yoga?

If you’re new to yoga , you have a lot of options. There are many types of yoga to choose from. All you really need to begin to practicing yoga is your body, your mind, and a bit of curiosity. t is also helpful to have a pair of yoga leggings, or shorts, and a t-shirt that’s not too baggy. No special footgear is required develops you will be barefoot.

It’s nice to bring a towel to class with you . How your practice develop you might want to buy your own yoga mat , but most studios will have mats and other props available for you. Yoga postures for beginners. It helps to to gain weight and loose weight.

If you are new , there are certain postures that are essential for you to learn so you can feel comfortable in a class or practicing on your own at home. Before doing yoga you should learn right yoga posture.

Here are some yoga postures, you can do at your home

Yoga for beginners

Mountain pose

It is the base for all standing poses; it gives you a sense of how to ground in to your feet and feel the earth below you.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward dog is used in most yoga practices and yoga classes and yoga practices and it stretches and strengthens the entire body. I always say, “a down dog a day keeps the doctor away.”


This exercise teaches us how to balance. This exercise gives us strength where the entire body to support us. It is a great way to strengthen the abdominals, and learn to use the breathe to help us stay in a challenging pose.


Triangle is a wonderful standing posture to stretch the sides of the waist, open up the lungs , strengthen the legs and tone the entire body.


Tree exercise is called standing balance for beginners. To gain focus. standing and keeping the body balanced on one foot.

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 is an external hip opener and opens up the inner thighs and groin. It’s a good starting point for many side postures including triangle, extended angle and half moon balance.

Seated forward bend

It’s important to incorporate a forward bend in yoga practice to stretch the hamstrings, lower and upper back and sides. Seated forward is the perfect fold for everyone to start to open up the body and learn to breathe through uncomfortable positions.

Bridge pose

A counter pose to a forward bend is a back bend. Bridge is a good beginner’s back bend that stretches the front body and strengthens the back body.

Child’s pose

Needs a good resting pose and child’s pose is an awesome one not just for beginner’s but for yoga practitioner’s of all levels.

Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide physical and mental health benefits. Live long with yoga.

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